Compact Drive Technology
AA182x Stainless steel linear actuator (lifting height 10 mm, peak force 800 N)

AA182x | Stainless steel linear actuator (lifting height 10 mm, peak force 800 N)

The linear actuator in stainless steel extends the linear actuator product family by a version in hygienic design. The stainless steel housing and the corner/edge-free design make the AA1821 ideal for use in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. With a protection class of IP 69K the linear actuator is ideally equipped to withstand adverse and aggressive environmental conditions.

Like the standard version AA1121, the stainless steel linear actuator sets new standards for the electronic control of valves and linear actuators. In the smallest possible design of 60 mm x 112.5 mm (flange diameter x overall length) the AA1821 offers a lifting height of 10 mm and a peak force of 800 N. The power electronics required for the actuation is already directly integrated in the linear actuator and is supplied with protective low voltage < 48 V DC via a direct cable outlet. With a power consumption of 15 W, the linear actuator is extremely energy efficient.

Communication takes place simply and quickly via EtherCAT. In addition, an absolute measuring system with an accuracy of 0.01 mm is integrated.

The shaft is provided as standard with an M8x1 external thread, on which commercially available adaptors such as ball heads or tensioning hooks from the pneumatic/hydraulic assortment can be mounted.

Technical data AA182x
Motor type stainless steel linear actuator
Rated supply voltage 24…48 V DC
Magnet material neodymium-iron-boron
Design form flange-mounted according to IM B5, IM V1, IM V3
Product announcement
estimated market release 4th quarter 2019