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07th April 2014
EtherCAT I/O system: IP 67 modules for extremely harsh environmental conditions
Compact I/O modules in die-cast zinc housings
With the introduction of the new ER series, Beckhoff is extending the range of applications that can be served by the EtherCAT Box product line. These exceptionally robust ER series I/O modules in die-cast zinc housings are designed for particularly harsh environmental conditions, for example, in the heavy-duty and automotive industries as well as in robotics. Together with the EP and EQ module series, the EtherCAT Box I/O system covers a wide range of signals for all industrial applications and is intended for use outside of control cabinets.

Utilising die-cast zinc as the housing material, the IP 67 rated I/O modules from the ER series can be used in extremely harsh industrial and process environments. Fully die-cast, they are ideally suited to all applications where increased load capacity and durability are demanded. Typical application areas include heavy industry, for example, press lines and metal foundries, as well as in automotive environments where die-cast zinc is standard or for robotic applications that rely on resistance to weld spatter.

The new EtherCAT Box Modules are the ideal complement to the existing versions in plastic and stainless steel housings. The plastic EP variant is well-suited for use in wet, dirty or dusty environments in general mechanical engineering, in assembly technology and in semiconductor and logistics environments. Additionally, the EQ module series with full ‘hygienic design,’ stainless steel housing and IP 69K protection is designed for applications in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Die-cast zinc modules available for a wide range of signals

The ER series modules are fully compatible with the EP series and offer the same wide I/O selection: digital inputs with various filters, digital outputs with 0.5 A output current, and “combination modules” with freely configurable digital inputs or outputs. Moreover, analog input modules for current/voltage measurement are available. The range is supplemented by temperature measurement modules, serial interfaces, encoder inputs and motion modules.

The space-saving 30 mm modules and 60 mm wide modules are available in different channel variations. With a height of 126 mm and a depth of 26.5 mm, the ER series modules are extremely compact. Field devices and signals are connected to the modules via M8 or M12 connectors. The ER series provides an EtherCAT interface, a power supply connection and M8 plugs or sockets for signal forwarding. For high-current outputs there are modules with a 7/8” power supply and an M12 EtherCAT socket available. The EtherCAT Box Modules in the die-cast zinc version are qualified for an extended operating temperature range of -25 to +60 °C (storage temperature -40 to +85 °C).

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  • With the new ER series die-cast zinc modules, the decentralised EtherCAT I/O system is now also available for extremely harsh environmental conditions.

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    With the new ER series die-cast zinc modules, the decentralised EtherCAT I/O system is now also available for extremely harsh environmental conditions.

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