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24th July 2013
Beckhoff at FachPack 2013 in Nuremberg: hall 4A, booth 417
PC-based Control: the scalable and innovative solution for the packaging industry
At FachPack, the trade fair for packaging technology, processing and logistics between September 24 and 26, 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany, Beckhoff will present its newest open automation solutions for the packaging industry. Thanks to excellent scalability in terms of computing power, functionality and cost, Beckhoff solutions are ideal for controlling the whole process for individual packaging machines and complete packaging lines. Contributing to higher system flexibility and performance, Beckhoff highlights at FachPack will include the ground-breaking eXtended Transport System (XTS), feature-laden multi-touch control panels and the cost-effective AM8000 servomotors with One Cable Technology.

The ideal control solution can be configured for each packaging machine based on integrated and modular product portfolio from Beckhoff consisting of Industrial PCs, I/O terminals, drive technology and TwinCAT automation software. For applications in the food industry, for example, automation solutions are available in all-around hygienic stainless steel design, including Panel PCs, I/O modules, servomotors and gearboxes.

The demand for increased flexibility in the packaging industry can be met and exceeded with the innovative eXtended Transport System (XTS). This extraordinary mechatronic system enables the creation of completely new machine concepts which are significantly more customizable, compact and cost-effective than conventional solutions. Thanks to the almost infinitely variable line configuration and the use of freely movable carrier modules (movers), mechanical grippers are no longer required and product changeovers can be implemented quickly via a simple mouse click.

The ideal combination for remote display panels: Beckhoff multi-touch Panels enhanced with CP-Link 4

Increasing the flexibility of packaging machines can be supported optimally with advanced multi-touch operator interface concepts based on the CP2xxx and CP3xxx Control Panel and Panel PC series. These feature in a wide range of display sizes between 7-inch and 24-inch and the choice of landscape or portrait screen orientations.

An additional innovative display technology from Beckhoff is the new CP-Link 4 solution. With this advanced new connection technology, control panels can be located up to 100 m away from the Industrial PC. CP-Link 4 is a one-cable solution, in which the video signal, USB 2.0 and the power supply are transferred in one standard CAT-7 cable, significantly reducing cabling and installation costs as a result. A further benefit is the use of purely passive displays that don’t require integrated CPUs. CP-Link 4 technology is compatible with the new multi-touch Panel series CP29xx-0010 (cabinet installed version) and CP39xx-0010 (mounting arm version).

Cost reductions through XFC and OCT

The globally-established EtherCAT communication system, in conjunction with the EtherCAT-based eXtreme Fast Control Technology (XFC), offers significant benefits in the packaging industry, where high speed and precision are absolute requirements. Distributed clocks, timestamp functionality and I/O response times under 100 µs offer new opportunities to optimise processes. Ultimately, EtherCAT and XFC enable packaging production with higher precision and less raw material use, resulting in improved product quality and significant cost savings.

Offering further savings potential, AM8000 servomotors from Beckhoff feature One Cable Technology (OCT), in which the power and feedback systems are consolidated into one standard motor cable. This results in significant reductions in material and commissioning costs. In conjunction with the AM81xx servomotor series, OCT can also be used with the ultra compact EL7201 Servomotor Terminal, which integrates a complete servo drive in a standard, 12 mm wide EtherCAT Terminal housing.

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  • The eXtended Transport System (XTS) replaces complex mechanics with
        software functionality and therefore offers new freedom for the packaging machine industry.

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    The eXtended Transport System (XTS) replaces complex mechanics with software functionality and therefore offers new freedom for the packaging machine industry.
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