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16th August 2012
Beckhoff at FachPack: Halle 4A, Stand 417
Beckhoff Drive Technology: XTS (eXtended Transport System) for packaging technology
Optimised flow of material offers high savings potential on mechanical costs

Beckhoff will present its range of solutions for the packaging industry at FachPack in Hall 4A, Booth 417. PC- and EtherCAT-based control technology from Beckhoff enables the whole process chain for individual packaging machines and complete packaging lines to be controlled and monitored. The new XTS (eXtended Transport System) revolutionises drive technology in a compact design and makes completely new concepts for packaging machines possible. XTS replaces classical mechanics with innovative mechatronics. It enables individual product transport with a continuous flow of material.

All processes, from filling, forming, sealing, labelling, collecting and re-packing to palletising, can be realised throughout with Industrial PCs and TwinCAT automation software. New Beckhoff products on show at FachPack include the new multi-touch panel series and a complete control solution in stainless steel design for the food industry, for example.  

XTS combines the benefits of translatory and rotary drive systems  

The new XTS drive system from Beckhoff offers new freedom for mechanical engineering. The motor is completely integrated together with power electronics and displacement measurement. One or more movers – wireless, mobile carrier modules – can be moved highly dynamically at up to 4 m/s on an almost arbitrary and flexible path configuration. This way, XTS revolutionises drive technology in a compact design:

  • The transported material can be accumulated and grouped during the movement. Synchronisation, stopping and starting can be accomplished at any of the stations on the entire path.
  • Mechanical grippers can be dispensed with.
  • Maximum use of the machine volume: outward and return paths as well as the curves can actively transport material.
  • The movers can always run with the flow of the product. No return trip or return stroke is necessary.
  • A change of format can be accomplished when changing products without stopping production, just by means of a software setting.  


The movements are handled by mapping the movers as “normal” servo axes in TwinCAT automation software.  

Open automation solutions for the packaging industry  

TwinCAT combines PLC, Motion Control, high-precision measurement technology, Condition Monitoring and robotics on a single platform. This means that all processing steps can be handled by a single PC. PLC libraries and function blocks provide ready-made solutions tailored for the packaging industry, e.g. printing mark control, loop or pendulum control, fast cam controller, MultiCam, flying saw, torque control and TwinCAT Kinematic Transformation for direct integration of robots into the PC Control.

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  • <p>High-speed material handling with XTS: The eXtended Transport System in compact design offers a high degree of flexibility for product changes for consumer goods.</p>

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    High-speed material handling with XTS: The eXtended Transport System in compact design offers a high degree of flexibility for product changes for consumer goods.

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